Take a trip from the ordinary and surround yourself with Spanish-chic art and culture.

As you step through the colorful archway and onto Majorca Bistro and Tapas expansive patio that features whimiscal and modern medieval metal artwork, you actually feel like you are entering a portal of romance. Plenty of room with comfortable seating and bar that borders the patio sets the optimal stage for del fresco dining in Midtown, and will accomodate up to 100 people.

Open the door into Majorca Bistro and Tapas restaurant and you are engaged into a love affair. It wraps you in warm red and black tones and features hand-painted murals by local artists. Imported tiles are displayed in the tapas bar, and are accented with custom lighting. Hand crafted mahogony wood skirts the cocktail bar and features recycled metal works of art. Holiday parties, corporate events, and wedding receptions can be accomodated just as easily as an romantic date night for two.

Majorca exemplifies what cannot be captured with words and must be experienced with the heart.